How to Choose a Pet Bird in Tulsa

Wow!  There are a lot of bird species out there.  How can one possibly choose the right one?  This article from Petco gives the prospective bird owner many options to consider. Please remember that when you bring home your bird, he should be evaluated by an avian veterinarian as soon as possible.

tulsa avian veterinarian

Stock Photo © Nico Smit #5487911

Buying a pet bird can be confusing. Your avian-enthusiast neighbor has his opinion, the pet store clerk has his opinion, endless pet publications have all kinds of opinion – so how do you sort them all out and determine what’s right for you and your household?

The choice is essentially subjective. It depends on your own time constraints, and economic and environmental realities, but even with unlimited options in those critical areas, not every bird is for every person. Your goals, personality, experience and yes, patience are all key to making a wise decision. Don’t rush out to buy a certain type of bird just because your friend down the street recommends it. You have many options – canaries, mynahs, cockatoos, finches – the list goes on forever and within a species, you have even more variety. The names are fascinating – American Singer Canary, African Gray Parrot, Greater Indian Hill Mynah – and each bird species is beautiful in its own way. Whether you are a busy family of four or you live by yourself, there are some guidelines to help you choose which species of bird is right for you.

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