National Veterinary Technician Week in Tulsa OK

NVTW imageThis whole week has been acknowledged as National Veterinary Technician Week in Tulsa and across the nation.  This is the time of the year where we value and honor the commitment veterinary technicians give to their job. Let us all celebrate this week by acknowledging the value of our beloved pet care takers.

Veterinary technicians are no amateurs in bringing quality care for our pets.  Under the supervision of professional veterinarians, veterinary technicians work to monitor and treat patients, perform certain tests and educate clients about their pet health concerns. They also assist in surgical and dental procedures. Veterinary technicians can specialize in certain areas such as radiology, anesthesiology, nutrition, internal medicine and dentistry. Some also specialize in behavior so that pet owners can work with their pets to help overcome their behavioral and medical problems.

What are the general duties of a Tulsa veterinary technician?

Veterinary technicians basically assist the veterinarians in the different types of services they perform. They are different from veterinary assistants though since vet assistants typically are not required to be certified or licensed. Vet assistants are usually trained on the job while vet technicians require a technical education before landing  the job. The following are among the common duties of a vet tech:

  • Providing first aid treatment for pets admitted suffering from injuries or illnesses This is to stabilize the animal’s condition until the veterinarian can provide proper treatment.
  • In charge of performing the initial physical examination for newly admitted pets.
  • Administering any medication that the vet has prescribed during the clients visit. They can also instruct pet owners how to properly administer any prescribed medications that is being sent home with them.
  • Assisting the veterinary team to immobilize a hostile animal in order for the medical team to treat the animal without hurting them.

Having mentioned all the hard works and duties of a Tulsa veterinary technician, let us thank them for all their efforts in ensuring that our pets are healthy and illness free. Below are some of the ways and ideas to help us celebrate this special week for our vet techs:

  • Greet every veterinary technician you will meet today especially your loved ones who are also in the same field.
  • Create a banner or poster and post it in social media sites or even in your local community or neighborhood.
  • Invite them over for breakfast or treat them to lunch or dinner.
  • Give them post cards and letters indicating how much you appreciate their job.
  • Organize a simple party and invite them over together with their families.

From October 12 to 18, together with the team from All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, be sure to do your part in appreciating our beloved vet techs. Help them realize that they are noticed for the job they do in keeping our pets healthy.