Tulsa Veterinary Hospital | Pet Dangers for Thanksgiving Season

Did you know that Thanksgiving Day and the remainder of the holiday weekend are very busy days for our emergency rooms at our veterinary hospitals in Tulsa and Broken Arrow?  There are many dangers that our pets can encounter over this holiday from overeating , to eating the wrong foods to alcohol.  Please take a look at the article below about how to avoid these dangers and don’t let your pet be a statistic this holiday. If you do have an emergency we will be on call Thursday and open our regular hours in Broken Arrow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thanksgiving pet dangers

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The holidays are fast approaching, and while you look forward to it, you should still be weary on how the holiday season can affect your dog in many different ways. Many dangers lurk about in the Thanksgiving season, and by taking just a few moments to be more aware of them, you can be sure your dog enjoys a stress free and safe Thanksgiving season too. Take a look below at how to keep your Tulsa pet safe during the Thanksgiving season, so you can all enjoy the Thanksgiving season while remaining safe at all times.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Thanksgiving Season:

1. Think twice when tossing the turkey.
Be mindful when tossing the turkey carcass into the garbage, as it will be tempting to your dog. A carcass is full of many little bones that can cause a choking hazard, so instead, immediately remove the carcass from the home when you are done with it. Take it outside to the trash can so it is not inviting to your dog to explore. Along with being a choking hazard cooked bones can splinter and break in your dogs mouth cutting them or scraping the inside of their mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

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