Easy Steps to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

Tulsa veterinarianHaving a dog in our house simply brings joy and laughter in our homes. But wouldn’t it be more fun if we can teach them some basic behaviors like the very simple lying down on command?  With just four easy to do steps,  your dog will surely learn how to lie down on command. If you have behavior issues that are creating problems consult with your veterinarian.

One of the most useful behaviors you can teach your dog is to lie down on command. Using a food lure, you can teach this behavior in four simple steps.

In order to focus on the training, your dog needs to be comfortable, so start with the right training environment. It may be easier for your dog to practice down on an uncarpeted surface where his feet can easily slide out from underneath him. However, some dogs dislike the feeling of a cold, hard floor and are much more likely to lie down on a soft spot, such as carpet, grass or a doggy bed. Pick the type of surface you think your dog is most likely to lie down on and be prepared to switch if needed.

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