Keeping Your Cat Out of Your Sandbox and Garden in Tulsa

As summer rolls around our pets enjoy being outdoors as much as we do.  We hope to bring you several pet tips over the next few weeks that will help you keep your pets safe and healthy and on their best behavior.  Make sure you are protecting your pets from parasites and remember if you are hot, so are your pets.  Make sure they have plenty of water and a cool shady place.


Dr. Amy Wolff |

Cat Coat CareIn the summer, many children love to spend time in the sandbox. It can be an enjoyable playtime experience for them, and can be an hours long diversion that many parents welcome. Likewise, many adults enjoy the peace and tranquility of gardening. You and your children can easily make a whole day outdoors enjoying these activities.

If your household includes a cat that also enjoys time outside as well, a sandbox or garden is often considered an attractive outdoor litter box. It may not even be your cat! A cat’s natural preferences for elimination include soft sand- or soil-type material so the attraction to these areas can be annoying and potentially hazardous to your health.

Fortunately, there are methods that can be used to discourage this unwanted behavior. Try out these tips to keep your kitty out of unwanted areas.

TIP – A small space with cat-attractive plants could be established in a quiet corner of the yard away from children’s activities.

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