Deadly Tornado in Oklahoma Claims Many Animal Victims / How You Can Help in Tulsa

We have seen it before, two years ago in Joplin we saw many animals killed or left homeless from a monster tornado. The tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on Monday has done the same. If you would like to help organizations such as the Animal Resource Center in Oklahoma City is accepting donations on its website to help support the influx of animals as a result of the tornado. The Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Services is providing medical services for animals injured in the tornado. Donations to support the relief effort can be made online at or by calling (405) 385-5607.

May 21, 2013
By: Julie Scheidegger

Moore, OK tornado

Twenty minutes from Moore, Okla., Dustin Brown, DVM, and the staff at the Animal Medical Center—Midwest City took cover as the deadly EF4 tornado carved a line of destruction around them. “That tornado lifted right before it got to our clinic,” Browns says. After it passed, “we came back and started trying to do what we can.”

He headed to Moore. “It’s hard to get in or out,” he says of both phone lines and roads. Brown attended to countless horses injured in the storm—he says they saved as many as they could.

The Orr Family Farm, an agricultural tourism destination and home to Celestial Acres, a large sports training facility, sustained heavy damage from the tornado. A spokesman for the property says there are animal casualties, but “I don’t know if it’s one or 100,” Tony Vann said Tuesday morning.

Brown saw countless numbers of fatally injured horses. “There’s no telling how many horses we had to put down yesterday. It was horrible,” he says. “A lot of shattered legs, severe lacerations.”

He says there are a lot of dogs and cats in need of care as well. Brown’s staff at Animal Medical has treated a few. “It’s basically just triage and help the ones we can,” he says. Scores of animals are missing.

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