10 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs to Be Spayed or Neutered

It is never too easy for any pet owner to have their pets spayed or neutered. In fact, it might even make you feel bad to put them through the whole procedure. And, it can be a bit expensive. But if it’s for your pet’s sake that expense is nothing to worry about, and you will find a Tulsa veterinarian to help you on having your pet spayed/neutered.

And you’re doing the right thing.

Pets should be spayed or neutered Tulsa OKToday is World Spay Day, which comes on the fourth Tuesday of February and shines a spotlight on the importance of spaying and neutering companion animals, homeless dogs and feral cats. The event takes place in 68 countries and all 50 U.S. states and its territories.

Each year an estimated 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters across the country, according to the Humane Society. Sadly, about 3.4 million of them are put down. What might surprise you is this: The Humane Society states that most of them aren’t street animals, but rather the offspring of beloved family pets who were accidentally (or intentionally) allowed to breed.

The Humane Society conservatively estimates that since Spay Day started in 1995, more than 1.5 million animals have been “fixed” in conjunction with the campaign.

To help increase that number even more, we’ve rounded up 10 great reasons to spay or neuter your pet.

1. Have Your Pets Spayed to Help Control Pet Overpopulation

The first one is the most obvious: To limit the number of pets without homes. While euthanasia rates for catsand dogs have dropped from about 15 million per year in 1970 to around 3.4 million today, that’s still far too many. Although you love your pet and might want to see the adorable puppies or kittens they would have, by spaying or neutering you can avoid adding to the number of unwanted animals, and by doing so, give the animals who are already in shelters a better chance of finding a home.

2. Reduce the Risk of Certain Cancers

Spaying or neutering your pet could actually make them healthier. It eliminates the risks of testicular, uterine and ovarian cancers and reduces the risk of mammary (breast) cancer in females. Some of these cancers are aggressive and can be life-threatening to your four-legged friend and expensive to treat. Spaying female dogs and cats also prevents a serious type of uterine infection, called a pyometra, that can also be life-threatening.

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