Tulsa Vet: How to Be Your Dog’s Health Care Advocate

Guest Post:  Dwight Healer
Dog's Health Care AdvocateThe modern canine diet is improving along with the available supplements needed to fill in the nutrient gaps where needed.  As the humanization of the family dog progresses, the progression of the canine diet including nutritional supplements has vastly improved.  Dog health is the biggest beneficiary from these progressions; increased quality of dog food, health care, and lifestyle are increasing a dog’s lifespan.  The senior stage of a dog’s life has become more complicated, no longer is there a rapid decrease in activity followed by death, many veterinarians and dog owners now face decisions on quality of life and life extending medical treatments.The modern veterinarian hospital is capable of many of the same types of life saving operations available to humans.  The obligations of veterinarians and doctors are drastically different.  The humanization of pets may affect the dog’s health care experience on the surface, however veterinarians are not compelled legally or ethically to treat your beloved dog other than an animal.  For this reason owners need to become strong advocates for their dog’s health care.  Being an effective advocate involves much more than having the sentiment that your hound is one of the family. You need to become versed in the areas of dog health that usually face all owners and their veterinarians at some point.

When medical care decisions are being discussed with your veterinarian issues of costs, amount of care for recovery or cases of being disabled and a veterinarian’s own bias towards the value of a dog’s life can overwhelm your desired care.  Becoming a strong advocate for your dog will ensure the level of medical treatment you always intended for them will be crystal clear when the time comes.  The tools you utilize to establish yourself as your dog’s health care decision maker will also provide you with important information resources on chronic disease preventative.  In general the health and well being of your beloved hound will be what you always intended it to be.

Use the following steps to prioritize your efforts in establishing the skills needed to be a strong advocate for your dog’s health and well being:

1. Record notes on your dog’s demeanor and general physical appearance every 6 months (remember that’s a long time in a dog’s life expectancy). Keep copies of all medical records.

2. Record their diet

3. Use a simple ear thermometer to record their temperature when their feeling especially good and when their feeling especially poor.

4. Utilize the web and bookmark forums devoted to information on dog health.  Use these forums to educate yourself on the most common areas of canine biology, disease, nutrition, etc.

5. As you develop knowledge in certain areas of dog health incorporate you diagnoses of your dog’s current state of health into your notes in step 1.

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