Pet Wellness at All Creatures Animal Hospital Tulsa OK

Our vets at All Creatures Animal Hospital advise regular pet wellness exams for the same reason your medical professional and dental practitioner suggest them– if you can find an issue in its early stages, it’s most likely to be dealt with and resolved with less expenditure, less problem and much better success.

pet wellness Tulsa OKAs the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of remedy.” Vaccinations, heartworm prevention and routine deworming are essential elements of pet wellness care and can avoid conditions that are not just dangerous for your pets, but really expensive to deal with.

Your vet can suggest a wellness program based on your pet’s type (some breeds are predisposed to certain illness), age, way of living and total health.

The medical professionals at All Creatures Animal Hospital think of pet wellness as more than a yearly exam– wellness is a mindset of compassion and respect for the animal and a supportive approach that concerns every location and every stage of your pet’s life. From younger puppies and kittens to a comfortable living for a senior pet, areas such as nutrition, exercise, mindset, habits, psychological acuity, physical condition, and way of life are all considered in the general wellness strategy. This strategy is developed to support the pet owner in establishing and nurturing the human-animal bond over all the stages of the pet’s life. We believe this pet wellness attitude results in a more favorable experience for both animals and their owners.

The primary step is the pet wellness exam– a hands-on, head-to-toe evaluation carried out by our vet, created to identify prospective or existing issues. If we recognize an existing or developing problem, we are aggressive in our method of treatment with the objective of returning your pet to a strong and healthy state as quickly as possible. Our specialized services cover a vast array of veterinary concerns, from reproductive care to neurology. Whatever your veterinary concern, we are experienced and knowledgeable.

Our Pet Care program is a pet wellness strategy that provides savings and free services for pet owners thinking about quality care for their pets. Average retail value of the FREE and DISCOUNT products consisted of in the Pet Care program is greater than the cost of each pet’s registration! In addition to the FREE products provided, the program provides 20 % discount rates on lab work, medical and surgeries, and treatments done in hospital. All other goods and services offered in the medical facility are marked down 10 % with the program.


CANINE: Annual Exam, DHLPPC and Rabies Vaccines, Occult Heartworm Test consisting of tests for Erlichia and Lymes illness, and digestive tract parasite screening

CATS: Annual Exam, PRCPL, FIP, and Rabies Vaccines, as well as intestinal parasite screening

FERRETS: Annual Exam, Distemper and Rabies Vaccines, and digestive tract parasite screening.

Other animals, such as birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, and rabbits: Annual Exam and parasite screening.

Make the most of a terrific program!

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