Pet Care Needs in Winter – Pet Care Services in Tulsa OK

Keep Pets Safe and Warm This Winter

pet care services in TulsaThe arrival of winter make us want to stay indoors and wrap up warm. It is also the season where the cold air brings many concerns for responsible Tulsa pet owners. As the temperature continues to drop and we find ourselves snuggling up with warm extra blankets, make sure your pets are kept warm and cozy as well. All Creatures Veterinary Hospital advises all pet owners to carefully watch over their pets this winter season. Take these precautionary measures on how to properly take care of your beloved companions this winter,

  • Provide an adequate shelter for your pet. It is essential to keep your pet warm and dry especially during cold winter weather. If you have tiles and uncarpeted areas, try placing a blanket or pad on them to keep your pet from being extremely cold.
  • Since the chilly weather make days colder than the actual temperature readings, do not leave your pet outside in the cold for a long hours. Make sure to attentively watch over your pet’s body temperature. As much as possible, limit his time playing outdoors.
  • If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors or is a working animal, feed them additional calories to keep their body temperature regulated.
  • Your cat prefers to be snuggled up inside. Make sure they to give them a comfortable chair or a box so that they can have warm and peaceful sleep. Cats also tend to sleep mostly in front of the heater or by the fire during cold winter season.
  • Take extra care when you’re walking or playing with your dog near frozen rivers, lakes and ponds. They might get slipped or jumped in and can get seriously injured.
  • Insulate your pet by properly grooming them. A well-groomed dog tends to be well insulated, hence, keeping him cold-free. If your dog has short or coarse hair, consider putting them a coat or a sweater. For dogs who have long hair, properly trim all the excess hair around their toes and foot pads. Be careful not to cut the pads or other delicate areas of the foot.
  • Ensure that your cat has proper cat safety collar on to prevent her from getting cold.
  • Your pet still needs to drink plenty of water even during winter, especially if they are spending indoors where the heating can dehydrate them quickly. Make sure to always give them lots of fresh water to keep them away from dehydration.

Even if your pet has lived outside during the past winters, it is important to take them to a  veterinarian for a pre-season checkup. At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. We provide pet care services in Tulsa and seasonal checkups suitable for your pet. Your pet’s age and health is essential and can make a difference in their ability to remain outside the cold. Keep the above precautions in mind to make your pet warm and safe this winter.