Is Your Dog Afraid of the V-E-T?

How many of you have experienced this scenario? It’s the day of your dog’s vet appointment. You haven’t said a word about it, but when it comes time to go, your dog is nowhere to be found — until you look in a closet or under the bed. Or, if your dog doesn’t hide, he won’t go to the car with you even though riding in the car is normally one of his favorite things and you wind up having to drag or carry him out.

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Your first question is probably, “How does my dog know?” Your second is most likely, “What can I do about it?”

One thing that you can do well in advance of the trip is desensitize your dog to the experience, which involves a (relatively) strange person feeling their belly, looking in their mouth and ears, and so on. When your dog is calm and submissive, practice some of the vet’s procedures on them. No, you don’t have to take their temperature — but you can feel their chest and belly with both hands, lift their lip to look at their teeth, or hold each of their forelegs for a few seconds.
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