Exotic Pets in Tulsa: Bird’s Have Unique Healthcare Needs

Exotic Pets in Tulsa

When it comes to exotic pets in Tulsa, birds are wonderful companions.  They make great family pets,  as long their owners understand their feathered friend’s unique needs.exotic pets in Tulsa

All birds should have yearly physical examinations and parasite screens.   This allows the veterinarian to check the overall health and well-being of your bird,  as well as to allow you to ask any questions or discuss any changes noted.  It also allows your vet to check for parasites that can compromise your bird’s health and to treat if necessary.  Make sure you choose a veterinarian who regularly treats exotic pets in Tulsa.

We all love to watch pet birds fly,  but mirrors,  windows,  ceiling fans and other animals can severely injure or kill your pet.   Routine wing trims will help keep your bird safe, well mannered and will also insure that an open window does not result in your bird’s loss.

Many birds need to have their beaks trimmed periodically.   A bird whose beak is overgrown can prevent you bird from eating and can become painful over time.

Trimming nails is also a good idea.   Birds use their feet to grasp food or to hold onto their perches,  and overly long nails can interfere with these activities.

If you notice any change in your bird’s diet,  behavior or condition,  get them in to a veterinarian.  Many birds do not show signs of illness until they are actually very sick.

Many birds have very long life spans, making them very popular exotic pets in Tulsa.


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