Cat’s Need Clean Teeth Too – Veterinary Dental Care Tulsa OK

Not only does it keep “death breath” at bay, but it can also save your cat’s life.

February is National Pet Dental Month and at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa we will be offering $110 off of dentals.  This is a great time to give your pets healthy teeth through proper veterinary dental care.  A veterinary dental should be a part of your pet’s annual exams.  If you have neglected your pet’s teeth, call today to set up your appointment.

Tulsa veterinary dental careVeterinarians have been talking to cat caretakers about the importance of dental health and encouraging regular dental care for probably at least a decade, and with good reason. The trouble is, dental cleanings are pretty expensive because cats require general anesthesia for the procedure, and people are reluctant to shell out the bucks for a procedure that may not seem necessary. Yes, dental cleanings are on the spendy side, but I think they’re totally worth the cost, and here’s why.

1. Cats don’t naturally have horrible breath

Let me start off by busting one of the ever-so-common feline myths: Even if a cat eats tuna every day, his breath should not smell bad. If your cat’s breath smells like something is rotting in his mouth, the odds are that he has an infection or tooth decay.

2. Dental disease is very painful

Have you ever had an abscessed tooth or serious gum disease? If so, you know it hurts! It hurts cats, too, but our feline friends are masters at hiding their pain. It’s an ingrained and instinctive survival technique. The only indication you may have of your cat’s pain is a change in temperament. Even with sore teeth and gums, a cat will still eat because hunger trumps pain –- until the pain gets too severe, that is.

3. Dental disease doesn’t just stay in your cat’s mouth

An infection that begins as gingivitis can progress to the point where your cat develops infections in the bones, lungs, and even the bloodstream itself. The cost of treating a life-threatening systemic infection is a hell of a lot higher than the cost of those annual cleanings.



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