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cat behavioral training“Malachy,” a beautiful, three-year-old neutered Persian cat, was brought in to see me soon after our new Center for Behavioral Therapy opened. Quite a confident kitty, Malachy made himself comfortable on our consultation room couch shortly after Tish, his owner, let him out of the carrier. Tish had adopted Malachy “by happenstance” when she was at her groomer’s shop with her cat Cormick. The groomer had acquired Malachy from his previous owner, who could not keep him because he was fighting with the owner’s other cat.

Tish had put up with Malachy’s housesoiling for a year before she came in to see me. Recently, the problem had become so bad that Malachy was either urinating or defecating outside the litterbox once a day, and Tish decided she needed help. Fortunately, Malachy and Cormick did not fight. In fact, the two cats became fast friends who loved to play with and chase each other. In his new household, however, Malachy’s toilet habits were far from perfect. Tish had her veterinarian check for medical problems that might explain Malachy’s frequent “mistakes,” but none were found.

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