Bird Diseases – Can You Spot the Symptoms?

If you have a pet bird you will want to read this article.  Can you spot symptoms when your bird is sick?  Knowing what to look for and when to get your bird to a Tulsa bird vet is something all bird owners should know.

Tulsa bird vetThe first signs of disease in birds is manifested by changes in mood and general appearance, decreased appetite, changes in appearance and consistency of feces. Because in general, birds are very sensitive, even the slightest sign of illness should be taken seriously.
Changes in general appearance to diseased birds

A healthy bird is lively and active, has bright plumage and attached to the body, eyes are clear, wide open. Therefore, any change in these views can be considered a sign of disease. Thus, a sick bird plumage is shaggy, in disorder, no luster, body position is “gathered” the eyes are closed or half closed (as if the bird would be sleepy).

Mood changes from sick birds.

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