Advice When It Comes to Life and Death Decisions | Tulsa Veterinary Clinic

veterinarian in TulsaAs pet owners, we only want what’s best for our beloved companions. We treat them just like our own children, give them the best tender loving care suitable for their needs. But what if this strong bond we have with our pets create exceptional struggles and challenges when it comes to healthcare related issues? Sometimes, pet owners could go beyond what is expected and tends to project what they think they understand about their own medical perspective and care onto their pets. Thus, this could post a risk when it comes to the health of their beloved companions. It is always best to get to the nearest Tulsa Veterinary Clinic and have your pet check by a professional veterinarian in Tulsa.

Whether you are a veterinarian or a pet owner, one thing is for sure: you want to maintain our pet’s good quality of life without causing any harm, pain or suffering as much as possible. In a very rare situations, a pet owner might tell the vet that they would be okay if their pet experienced undue side effects or discomfort from medical treatment if that would mean their pet would live longer than if they did not.

But is it really worth the risk when pet owners let their companions suffer to live longer? Can pet owners be able to really see their pets suffer extreme pain just to ensure additional length in their lives? For instance, most dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma needs to be amputated the affected limb to remove the source of pain for dogs. Most pet owners will struggle with this decision. They are too concerned because the dog is too old or already has trouble walking, or that it would not be able to do the things it enjoys doing such as swimming or fetching. That is why, despite of the attempts to reassure pet owners to focus on the need for immediate relief of discomfort, still most pet owners doesn’t consider this option for their pets. What they don’t know is that if they don’t do what is advisable for their pet, it could only post a significant effect onto their pet’s well-being. That is why on the part of the veterinarian, it is extremely important to provide all accurate information and statistics about the dog’s chances if it undergoes surgery or treatment.

Sometimes, pet owner’s ability to deeply care for their pets can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a blessing if people are able to listen and be open minded to suggestions, opinions and recommendations in much the same way might entrust their health with their own physicians. On the other hand, it can be a curse if their attachment can preclude their ability to understand the concerns and suggestions coming from their physician. Thus, closing them off to opportunities for healing out of fear or anxiety.

Since pets cannot speak their opinions or their concerns, vets must rely on the pet owners to provide a voice and make decisions. It is very crucial, sometimes, it could mean a life and death decision for pet owners. That is why it is greatly suggested that pet owners to greatly consider the suggestions, experience and wisdom coming from your professional veterinarian in Tulsa. If in case pet owners aren’t happy with the things they hear from their vet, they may seek a second opinion. After all, it is only for the good of our beloved and dear companions.