Planning For Future Care With Equines and Exotic Pets in Tulsa

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Exotic pet owners in Tulsa I have a question for you?  If something were to happen to you do you know who would care for your pet boa, iguana, parrot, lizard, or even pot bellied pig?  Have you planned for your pet’s future?  These pets along with horses, ponies and donkeys can often be hard to place.  This article from the ASPCA offers some guidelines for the future care of your pets and equines.

It is very important to plan now for the future care of equines and exotics (i.e. primates, avians, large reptiles, big cats, etc.) Not only do these animals live longer than other companion animals, but they are more expensive to care for and require special living environments. For example, most equine owners are unable to drop off their horse with a friend or family member in the event of an emergency and may know only a few people who are willing and able to step in if a long-term care arrangement is needed. Please carefully consider the guidelines below when planning for the future care of an equine or exotic.Planning for the Future Care of Equines

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