Dangerous Plants for Holiday Puppies

Tulsa puppy careIs Santa bringing a puppy to someone in your home?  There are many things you need to do with a new puppy and one of the first is to schedule  an exam with your Tulsa veterinarian.  There are some dangers that may be lurking around your house during the holidays including some plants.  This article from About.com has some good tips for protecting your puppy from plants that can be toxic.

While plants can make a lovely decorating statement, poisonous plants can kill pets. The deadliest plants must be chewed or swallowed for the poison to work.

Puppies are affected most often, particularly breeds that eat anything that doesn’t move faster than they do. Paws, mouths, and sometimes ears and eyes also are vulnerable to spiky parts of plants. Swallowed Christmas tree needles, for example, do damage to the tender insides of the puppy, too.

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