Tulsa Veterinarian: Chocolate and Dogs (and Cats) – It’s Harmful Effects

Chocolate and Dogs Do Not Go Together Chocolate contains a stimulant called the obromide that affects several systems of your pet’s body,  from gastrointestinal to cardiac to respiratory.  The more concentrated the chocolate,  the greater amount of the obromides present and more dangerous to the pet.  No chocolate is safe [...] Read more »

Cushing’s Disease in Tulsa Dogs

We have seen the effect of steroids at work in professional athletes, and we know too much about the dangers. The body produces natural steroids as a normal biological process. When this natural process goes out of control, your pet can become progressively debilitated and ill. Cushing’s disease is the [...] Read more »

Join the Tulsa Veterinarian V.I. P. Club

The Tulsa Veterinarian V.I.P. (Very Important Pet) Club was designed to give great content to our community about pet health care in Tulsa. To officially join the club, simply enter your information in the join now box. This will entitle you to all of our club benefits and special membership [...] Read more »

The Growing Pet Obesity Problem

obese dog

Obesity does not only affect humans. In North America, our pets are putting on the pounds and more and more animals are developing weight-related medical conditions with pet obesity that were virtually nonexistent 20 years ago.  Our pets are getting osteoarthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, and heart and [...] Read more »