How to Choose a Pet Bird in Tulsa

Wow!  There are a lot of bird species out there.  How can one possibly choose the right one?  This article from Petco gives the prospective bird owner many options to consider. Please remember that when you bring home your bird, he should be evaluated by an avian veterinarian as soon [...] Read more »

The Right Way to Give Cats a Liquid Medicine

cat health care Tulsa

Giving a cat his medicine is rarely easy, but knowing the proper procedure and what to expect can make the process more pleasant—for you and your cat. Many people find liquid medicines easier to administer than other types, such as pills, capsules, eye drops or injections. But it still takes [...] Read more »

Fleas: How To Prevent Your Pet From Becoming Infested?

Once your pets have been infested with  fleas, there are in greater danger of getting diseases carried by blood parasites and tapeworms. To prevent this from happening, have your pets checked as early as possible. Our Veterinarians in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help you with ridding your pet of fleas and in [...] Read more »