Does Your Pet Have “Cocker Crud”?

Ear Problems in Tulsa Dogs As a veterinarian, I often see certain breeds of dogs with the same problems over and over again.  In fact, it happens so often that most of them have nicknames.  For example, the ears of Cocker Spaniels.  Because of their thick, dense fur and their [...] Read more »

Tulsa Veterinarian: Chocolate and Dogs (and Cats) – It’s Harmful Effects

Chocolate and Dogs Do Not Go Together Chocolate contains a stimulant called the obromide that affects several systems of your pet’s body,  from gastrointestinal to cardiac to respiratory.  The more concentrated the chocolate,  the greater amount of the obromides present and more dangerous to the pet.  No chocolate is safe [...] Read more »

Join the Tulsa Veterinarian V.I. P. Club

The Tulsa Veterinarian V.I.P. (Very Important Pet) Club was designed to give great content to our community about pet health care in Tulsa. To officially join the club, simply enter your information in the join now box. This will entitle you to all of our club benefits and special membership [...] Read more »

Tips For A Healthy Cat in Tulsa

Tulsa veterinary dental

If you love your cat you’ll want to know how to keep your cat as healthy as possible. There are many different things that could come into play and be dangerous to your cat’s health, so it’s important to know what to look for to keep your cat healthy her [...] Read more »