Tulsa Pets Need Flea Protection

Tulsa pets

These little brown bugs conceal themselves in a cold, suspicious locations amongst shrubs, leaves and trees till a host (like your pet dog or feline) passes. Fleas then get on your Tulsa pets and are brought into your home, swiftly ending up being a risk. According to the American Animal Hospital [...] Read more »

Preventive Pet Healthcare Tulsa OK

preventive pet healthcare Tulsa OK

5 Keys to Preventive Pet Healthcare The old adage, “an ounce of prevention deserves a pound of cure” certainly is true when it comes to pet health. The cost of prevention is frequently a portion of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has actually become more advanced, [...] Read more »

Find a Avian or Bird Veterinarian in Tulsa OK

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At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa we have been treating birds and exotic pets for over 20 years. Dr. Mark Setser is a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians and has experience treating all kinds of birds. When you bring home your bird, he should be evaluated by an [...] Read more »

Pet Travel Has Never Been Easier

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With pet-friendly hotels, cabins, and resort spots popping up all over the map, pet travel has never been easier. But while jetting off without planning in advance sounds romantic, it can cause sticky situations if your dog is along for the ride.  Boarding your pet while you are away may even [...] Read more »

Things to Consider Before Taking Home Reptiles as Pets

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MELISSA KAPLAN Petfinder.com America’s newest pet craze leaves millions of animals misunderstood and mistreated-right from the gecko. Reptiles! The very word conjures up a variety of responses, ranging from “Eeeeww, gross!” to “Way cool!” Fueled in part by changes in international wildlife importation laws, the resurgence of interest in dinosaurs [...] Read more »

Finding An Exotic Pet Veterinarian

exotic pet veterinarian Tulsa OK

Developing an excellent working relationship with a vet can be a difficulty for any pet owner, but is an unique challenge for the exotic pet owner. The exotic pet owner has to discover a exotic pet veterinarian who is willing to see their pet, knows something about their pet, and has [...] Read more »