Small Animals – Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pig Care Tulsa OK

At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital we see all types of pets  (just as our name implies) and that includes many small pocket pets like hamsters or Guinea Pigs, which are a great pet for kids to start out with, providing they are old enough to handle them with care.  We [...] Read more »

Things to Consider Before Taking Home Reptiles as Pets

reptiles as pets Tulsa OK Exotic Pet Vet

MELISSA KAPLAN America’s newest pet craze leaves millions of animals misunderstood and mistreated-right from the gecko. Reptiles! The very word conjures up a variety of responses, ranging from “Eeeeww, gross!” to “Way cool!” Fueled in part by changes in international wildlife importation laws, the resurgence of interest in dinosaurs [...] Read more »

Tulsa Ferret Care |Before You Own a Ferret

Tulsa ferret care

At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa we see many different pets.  Few can be as entertaining or mischievous as a ferret.  Here is some great information on ferrets and ferret care that may help you decide if one is right for you.   Have you ever looked at a [...] Read more »

How to Choose a Healthy Reptile

Reptiles in the pet trade are prone to being very stressed and sometimes ill, especially if they have not been cared for optimally. There are some specific things to watch out for when choosing a pet reptile to help ensure your reptile isn’t sick before you even get it home. [...] Read more »