Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness in Dogs

motion sickness in dogs

Does Your Dog Get Motion Sickness? Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of traveling with a dog who has motion sickness.  Did you know that you can cure a dog’s motion sickness?  Do you know what the signs are that your dog may have motion sickness?  Get your [...] Read more »

8 Ways to Get Your Dog Stolen

Dog theft is increasing, and it happens in many ways. Here’s what criminals want dog parents to do. Carol Bryant  |  Jan 30th 2013  (From Dogster)   Christmas Eve should be a time of peace and solace, but for Cory and Sarah Malchow, it was the start of a nightmare. Sarah was [...] Read more »

Tulsa Veterinarian: Separation Anxiety in Older Dogs

One of the most common behavioral issues found in dogs that are older in Tulsa is separation anxiety. A dog suffering from separation anxiety will become noticeably anxious if he or she senses the owner is leaving the home. Following the departure of the owner, dogs that have separation anxiety [...] Read more »