Common Foods Toxic to Dogs in Tulsa OK

chocolate and pets

You are probably familiar with the fact that one of the most common known foods toxic to dogs is chocolate, however there are numerous other toxic foods. Some other foods to keep away from your pets include raisins and grapes, onions, macadamia nuts and products containing xylitol (an artificial sweetener). Foods Toxic to Dogs Chocolate Lots [...] Read more »

Human Medications Are a Common Pet Poison

pet poison

Human medications are among the most common household pet poisons. Whether discovered or purposely administered by pet owners, medications can be potentially dangerous for our cats and dogs. And although everyone is familiar with the “Keep out of reach of children” warning, this may underestimate our pets. Pets, unlike children, [...] Read more »

Healthy Dogs Need Healthy Teeth

Tulsa veterinary dentist

Periodontal disease is the most common disease of small animals. Signs of gum disease are typically not acknowledged, however, and some pets suffer until all their teeth have actually ended up being contaminated. Preventive oral care is among the most neglected pet wellness requirements. Yet it’s just as vital for [...] Read more »