Healthy Dogs Need Healthy Teeth

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Periodontal disease is the most common disease of small animals. Signs of gum disease are typically not acknowledged, however, and some pets suffer until all their teeth have actually ended up being contaminated. Preventive oral care is among the most neglected pet wellness requirements. Yet it’s just as vital for [...] Read more »

Puppy Care in Tulsa

puppy care in Tulsa

Just bring home a new puppy?  Your puppy is going to need a lot of special attention and care.  The sooner you see the veterinarian in Tulsa, the better. Young puppies ought to be immunized at an early age. Your vet will begin your puppy on a vaccination schedule and [...] Read more »

Tulsa Dog Grooming Basics

Dog grooming Tulsa

Brushing your canine’s coat is a regular chore for most dog owners, unless you own one of the few hairless breeds. Done properly, frequent brushing shouldn’t pose a threat to your pooch. Regular Brushing With respect to the type, your dog may have to have a daily date with the [...] Read more »