Hyperthyroidism in Cats: Tulsa Veterinarian

Hyperthyroidism Is Common in Senior Cats By Susan Little, DVM Hyperthyroidism (also called thyrotoxicosis) is one of the most common diseases of the middle-aged and older cat. It is a multi-system disorder caused by an increase in the amount of thyroid hormones (called T3 and T4) produced by an enlarged [...] Read more »

Cat Healthcare: Conditions Often Found in Kittens

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Preferably when you adopt a new kitten, the kitty cat will certainly be healthy and without any medical issues. Nevertheless, that’s not always the case. There are a few problems that seem to accompany relative frequency in young kittens. These are the conditions that we see most typically in our practice. From PetMD.com [...] Read more »

Dental Health Tips for Senior Cats

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It most likely doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that an elderly cat has needs that are various than those of a young cat. However how do you know when your cat is a senior? Typically, cats over 7-10 years of age will be thought about elders. With enhancing [...] Read more »