Cat Teeth Cleaning

Cat Teeth Cleaning Tulsa OKAccording to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70 % of cats age 3 and older have dental disease. However, few pet owners in Tulsa acknowledge the significance and do something about it. Cat dental care is just as crucial as dental care is for people but seems to be ignored.

Like people, dental disease in cats, if left unattended, can cause life threatening conditions. Immediate issues include loose teeth, bleeding gums and halitosis. Over time dental disease can cause infections that then take a trip into the blood stream and throughout the whole body contaminating and damaging the heart, liver and kidneys. Felines with dental disease might drool, have trouble eating, and suffer mouth pain all the time.

Cats cannot always let us understand when they have a medical issue. Many times they are taken to a vet for cat dental care only when infection appears or when they have obvious mouth pain.

Avoiding dental ailment through routine brushing of your cat’s teeth and instantly looking after dental pathologies is crucial because it can eliminate serious discomfort and substantially boosts the quality of the cat’s life. The disregarded progression of dental diseases can have significant permanent health effects as well as lead to an early death.

Cat Dental Care at All Creatures Animal Hospital

Veterinary dentistry is among the significant veterinary services of our practice. We make use of dental digital radiography, high speed ultrasonic cat teeth cleaning and polishing devices and have the abilities to address regular hygienic prophylaxes, cleanings, both easy and complex surgical extractions and the treatment of gum diseases.

Now is the time the get your cat to All Creatures Animal Hospital in Tulsa for a dental checkup. We can give your feline a cat teeth cleaning that will certainly help to keep them healthy and pleased. Our animal health center has been supplying quality, pet healthcare for over 25 years.